Worship at

St. Saviour’s

The Anglican Church

St. Saviour’s belongs to the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay, a part of the Anglican Church of Canada, which itself belongs to the worldwide Anglican Communion. Although these layers of church structure can seem confusing at first, they serve as important links in the chain that helps connect us to the family of Christians who worship in the Anglican tradition through both time and space.

The Anglican Communion around the globe has existed as an international movement for nearly 150 years and now counts 120 million members, making it the third largest communion of churches in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Although Anglican identity is hard to pin down, due to the great diversity of styles and beliefs in the tradition, it’s often known for a deep commitment to worship that bridges both accessibility and mystery. Because of that we seek to be open, welcoming, and transparent to any who would join us and we also seek to always be growing deeper in our own lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our local community in Penticton, known as the Parish of St. Saviour, is led by our priest and council, and governed by the whole assembly of the church meeting together. We aim to work cooperatively with other Christian churches, other religious traditions, and other community organizations in the city and beyond.

Sundays With Us

Our worship life is rich and varied. We hold a minimum of two services every Sunday, a traditional language spoken Holy Communion service at 8AM and a modern language sung Holy Eucharist service at 10AM. All are welcome to attend any of our worship times. We have a children’s area at the back of the church and often have younger members of our community running through the aisles. This is a home for all ages.

Our worship style is traditional but creative at the same time. Our liturgy gives us a solid foundation out of which new and engaging forms of worship can grow.

On the third Sunday of the month we hold a Jazz Vespers service at 4:30PM which is always very well attended. We also ensure worship leadership twice a month for the church of St John the Divine, Keremeos. We hold many special services on major church festivals.

Weekly Sunday worship:

8:00 AM – traditional language spoken Holy Communion.
10:00 AM – modern language sung Holy Eucharist

Our People in the Church

Here at St. Saviour’s we believe that all people are called to be disciples of Christ and that all who say yes to that call are equipped for the work of ministry in the world. Sometimes that ministry is geared toward the running of the church, the centre of our life together as a community. This takes place through the important work of the wardens, the treasurers, the altar guild, our parish administrator, our readers, our musicians, our clergy, and many, many others. Our Church Committee meets regularly to draw these ministries together and to set a direction for the church as a whole.

Far more often though ministry is carried out in the day to day lives of our parishioners wherever they find themselves, be it working, volunteering, or even playing. Ministry is about shedding light on the kingdom of heaven in our midst, God’s kingdom of justice and peace. Please have a look at our OUTREACH section to see how proudly we work in the community and check out what ministry looks like to us in the PHOTO and VIDEO sections below.

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