Worship, Grow and Love in Christ

St. Saviour’s Parish is a vibrant Christian community that gathers together to worship God and to reach out in love to the world around us.

We hope to share the good news of faith, hope, and love with the world and to welcome all people, regardless of race, gender, status, sexual orientation, or any other human category, into a welcoming and inclusive Christian community.

We worship in the Anglican tradition, including weekly celebrations of the Eucharist(Holy Communion) and with a strong emphasis on music, prayer, and preaching. We believe that the traditions and rituals of the church offer depth to our spiritual lives and at the same time that the inspiring renewal of the Holy Spirit is constantly opening us up to new expressions of worship.

We learn to grow as disciples of Jesus by exploring the wisdom of the Scriptures (the Bible), the traditions of the church, the use of reasoned reflection, and the lived experience of our members and neighbours.

We seek to love others as Christ first loved us by sharing our blessings with the wider community and by seeking the well-being of all people.

This is a church for everyone

St. Saviour’s is an open and welcoming place with a friendly community that considers itself family. Although the ‘ups and downs’ of the ritual might seem confusing the first time you attend an Anglican service, visitors should feel free to participate or not as they’re comfortable. At the 10am service our entire order of service (except hymns) is printed in the weekly bulletin to make it easy to follow along or to join in on the prayers. Although we don’t have a Sunday school at the moment, children are more than welcome to be themselves in this church. We do have a short ‘all-ages family talk’ time in the 10:00AM liturgy and some activity sheets and stuffed animals to keep the younger ones curious and engaged in the main church.

Much of what we do happens outside the church walls. St. Saviour’s has a strong concern for the general welfare of this city and its people. Our deacons identify needs in the wider community and lead our community’s response. Some of these ministries include: the Free Store, Community Meal, Spiritual Care visiting at Penticton Regional Hospital and throughout the community, and supporting community organizations such as the Penticton Soupateria and the Penticton Recovery Resource Society. These ministries, which are the heartbeat of the community, are led by the deacons of the parish but are engaged in by members throughout the parish and beyond.

Nicholas Pang

The Voice of St. Saviour’s Reverend

St. Saviour’s has some of the most gorgeous stained glass windows of any church I’ve ever belonged to. Most stained glass windows are created to be pictures of people or events that inspire us to become the people we were meant to be. The saints in the windows are people who were so open to the love of God and the power of God’s Holy Spirit that the very light of God shone through them and lit up the world.

That’s who we at St. Saviour’s strive to be. When I look out from behind the altar on a Sunday morning I see a gathering of saints being filled with the love of God, in one another’s company, ready to go back out in love and service to the world, and especially to this community of Penticton.

My vision for the church is that we would continue to become a community that reaches deep into the rich treasury of our spiritual heritage and pulls out the gift of hope for a hurting world: the good news, brought to us by Jesus Christ, that nothing can ever draw us away from the incredible love of God our Creator.

I want to see the doors of the church open wide as a sign that all are welcome in to experience the mystery of this great and incredible journey.


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